SRT Bue Muschiato

SRT Musk Ox SRT Moschusochse SRT Buey almizclero SRT Boeuf musqué
Art n: 08470892
Target parts: 4
N. of rings: 2
Length: 180 cm
Height: 127 cm
Group: Group 1
1.936,00€ IVA 22% incl.
22% Taxes included
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A masterpiece of 3 D target and unique in the world of archery
Premium quality in 4 K, authentic realisation of every detail
Double interlocking ensures perfect closure
A complete herd in stock for your orders 
SRT Musk Ox, the protagonist of 2018 in 3 D archery 
SRT Targets - a class of its own

shipment 3 boxes on 1 palett, 100x 120 cm , 120 kg or 3 single boxes 90 kg, 1,1 mc

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