SRT Capriolo VSE femmina

SRT Roe Deer VSE SRT Ricke VSE SRT Corza VSE SRT femelle chevrette VSE
Art n: 08473572
Target parts: 2
N. of rings: 3
Length: 96 cm
Height: 89 cm
Group: Group 2
313,00€ IVA 22% incl.
22% Taxes included
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Roe deer is a hoofed animal that lives in Europe and Asia. It has short stages, generally with three points per side in adult subjects. The body is a color between red and brown, the muzzle towards gray. It is very fast and lives on highlands and mountains, although it was originally mainly in the plains. The SRT VSE roe deer grazing is part of our "Trittico Roe deer", which is composed of three beautiful roe deers in different positions, so reproduced as in nature, that you have to look twice, if it is true or an SRT :-) Real or SRT, that's the question ?
Technical information :
Number of rings 3
Height 72 cm
Large 96 cm
Weight 12 kg
Position of rings :
Spot lateral anatomic 21 cm /13 cm/ 5.5 cm Group 2
Spot lateral anatomic 21 cm /13 cm/ 5.5 cm Group 2
Spot back oval 19 cm / 8,5 cm/ 4 cm Group 3


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