SRT Cinghiale

SRT Javelina SRT Wildschwein SRT Jabali Petit Sanglier
Art n: 08470574
Target parts: 1
N. of rings: 2
Length: 84 cm
Height: 55 cm
Group: Group 4
0,00€ IVA 22% incl.
22% Taxes included
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SRT Javelina 08470574

Pasquale il cinghiale, our first 3d target in 1994 and for 26 years the leader of our bestsellers.
We are very sorry for all javelina lovers and fans, but the mould is broken and the generation of Javelina will be continued by the youngster : our red boar group 3and 4 and the smart Twin Pigs group 4 .

This target is out of production :-( since July 2020

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