3D International Rana blu

3D International Frog blu 3D International blauer Frosch 3D International Rana azul 3D International grenouille bleue
Art n: 3D19BORB
Target parts: 1
N. of rings: 4
Length: 26 cm
Height: 21 cm
Group: 3Dinternational
74,00€ IVA 22% incl.
22% Taxes included
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Group 4 Target with 4 Killzones,IFAA / WA Tournament approved

The new home forest serie from 3D international offers smart frogs in brown, green or blu color, have 4 rings and they are IFAA/WA approved ;-)

100 % Handcraftet Premium Quality by SRT Targets Made in Italy


Easy pull ,Sculptured with natural design, powerfull colors 

SRT Targets 30 years of creativity and innovating 3D targets





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