Art n: 08481232
Target parts: 1
N. of rings: 8
Length: 41 cm
Height: 39 cm
Group: Targets
156,00€ IVA 22% incl.
22% Taxes included
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Focus your training on what count, the SRT portable 4X4U concentrate al 4 groups of 3D Archery killzones, several international scores and modern new 3D archery tournament scores.

4X4U Focus your training on what count

your professional trainer for international 3D shooting. All 4 important groups in one single portable target for your WA3D, IFAA, ASA, IBO, KOTH and FIARC training. 

A concentration of killzones for shooters aming at the top. Train with SRT 4X4U, simply the best. 

Xtreme concentration

Xtreme easy to go

Xtreme versatile 

Xtreme easy to pull

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SRT Personal Trainer SRT Personal Trainer PT 0,00€
SRT 4X4U SRT 4X4U 156,00€