SRT Personal Trainer PT blu

SRT Personal Trainer PT blau
Art n: 08481231
Target parts: 1
N. of rings: 12
Length: 42 cm
Height: 42 cm
Group: Targets
195,00€ IVA 22% incl.
22% Taxes included
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A Personal Trainer should be part of your standard equipment, as a professional  and passionate archer with any type of bow. This Training Block allows arrows to find their way in a  high-density and high quality foam, being stopped efficiently and retrieved easily. Your perfect choice  for a long-lasting target that still offers fast and easy arrow removal. The variety of sizes and configurations of aiming points placed  strategically all over the target, guarantees an exceptional target life and supports your archer performance, wherever you are, inside and outside . 
The SRT Personal Trainer comes in many colours to inspire your training , arrow by arrow.
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