About us

Production Story at SRT Targets by Sandro Ruggiu and Andrea Albach started with a combination of passion, skill attitude and luck in 1994.
Being both enthusiast archers, they shot every weekend at straw targets with paper animals figures appended on them at FIARC competition.

In love and full of ideas, they were thinking of many projects for the future. Their target was to work together and to make a job they liked. At that period Andrea worked as Chemical Engineer at Bayer in Milan, where her research on the better polyurethan foam for 3d models started.

In the meanwhile Sandro was developing his first 3D model, “Pasquale – il cinghiale “ (Pasquale - the Boar in english), modeling the sculpture in his own home.

The consequences of this two events was pretty clear…

Shooting at threedimensional targets was still not so popular and limited to competitions only, but Sandro e Andrea were sure about the future success of the 3D shooting technique in Europe and they kept working on other models: “Emilio – il coniglio (Emilio - the rabbit)", “ Marcello – il forcello (Marcello - the cockpick)“.

During 1996 European exportation process began. Order request became high and high so Sandro and Andrea "attempt" to produce the first 3D model in three pieces, “Manolo – il capriolo (Manolo - the roebuck)“.
Technical difficults and the large amount of time spent required artist skills.

From now on, the development of the models should be led by a professional sculptor. Only a sculptor could represent every detail on animal fur and every muscular movement in a realistic way. It was a huge success!

It needed to trademark this beatiful product. SRT Targets was born. From that moment on, SRT Targers developed every year new 3D models, of every dimensions, from Group 1 to Group 4.

SRT Targets is leader in Europe on 3D targets development process, with a shipping distribution in all european countries.
SRT Targets scope is to create high quality, biometric realistic and as natural-like as possible 3D targets. Everything SRT Targes has done is possible only investing important amounts of human and economic resources and without give up in front of difficult moulds realisations, only looking at the final result.

Foam research is an high quality and strict controlled step. Our research won't never stop and our products are costantly improved, to walk side by side with chemical technologies discoveries.

A trivial mirror copy of an existent 3D model could be a faster and cheaper way but it's not SRT Targets's philoshophy.
SRT Targets project and create fauna european targets, to reproduce a real and possible hunting situation in european woods.
Is more probable to see a wonderful example of a chamoise living in our montains that an alligator in the Po river. So Targets production will go in this direction. Sandro and Andrea are proud and enthusiast about their company and SRT Targets team, after so many years, is like the beginning: the willing to work, creating and producing passsion never warn off, so watch out carefully….

First step to realize a 3D model is finding the correct posture.
When it's possible, the sculptor use a model created by a tassidermist as model reference.
Starting from the right biometric dimensions, the process to give to the animal model a correct hunting position begins.
Beyond sculptor skill, hunting archer knowledge is also necessary.

The artist, without a cooperation with an archer, would create a splendid but only "artistic" model, completely deprived of natural hunting aspects. This cooperation leads to better results.

To create a complete model of these dimensions from a single sculpture block it could be taken even hundreds working hours

This is the MASTER, already split in three sections, ready to be used by mould experts.

A 3D animal model is generally split in several pieces. This separations depends by various factors.
A steel mould part is created for every piece. Every mould can even have a weight until 400 kg. The mould parts realisation is a complex and expensive procedure, but it grants a reproduction 100% similar to the original model.
In to the mould the polyurethan misture is injected, and the chemical reaction make the misture solidify almost immediately.

This is the brown bear head mould. Please note the complexity of open parts needed to extraxt the moulded part.

And finally, our 3D model, polished and coloured.
Finished works are packaged in the SRT Targets warehouse, where they wait to be sent all over the world

And, in the meanwhile you're reading this page, SRT Targets are creating a new 3D model for yor fun on the hunting field!

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