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Since 1994, year when SRT Targets srl was founded, uncountable bow shooters have fun shooting at our 3d targets.
We are known for the detailed and lifelike reproduction of European animals. Our offer is a large and various choice of animal in size suitable for archery purpose, for competition use or hunting training as well.

Every year this line is enriched by new targets, studied to create always new and intriguing shooting situation. SRT Targets adopt for the kill zone the IBO scoring and are the most used brand in the national and international IFAA, FITA and FIARC competition.

We put all our efforts in the environment defence . The last generation machines we use in our production process are approved and according the strict European law against air and terrain pollution. Also the polyurethane compound, specially studied for our targets is CFC free, and the lacquer used for the decoration is water based and completely without solvent.

We are proud to declare, that the boxes (or cardboard boxes) we use for shipping are made of 100% recycled paper. Attention to all these details SURELY makes SRT Targets an environmentally friendly company. The passion we put in our work, the study of the targets and the production, the efficacy in the distribution and presence in all European countries, has made SRT targets leader in 3D Target production.

We are a dynamic and professional factory, and our efforts to improve our performance will never stop...ever!

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