3Dinternational New Target DUCK

  • 3Dinternational enriches the collection of small, but very beautiful targets with a duck.
    The new Group 4 target with 2 killzones is available for your summer order.

    21/06/2022 - 16:52

New target SRT Sitting Puma

    Team SRT  treat the word “lifelike” seriously and with great respect.
    Every detail, from sculpting to the final painting is deeply studied to transform 3D bow shooting in a real emotional hunting experience .
    We are proud to present our state of the art seated Puma, an unique and  noble product for 3D archery.
    The Puma is a single piece target Group 2 / Group 3 with 4 killzones

    27/05/2022 - 22:08

Spring 2022

3Dinternational Bunny

  • Cute & tough the new bunny from 3D international. The Group 4 target offers 4 killzones at a great price. Withstands any kind of archery competition. 


    18/02/2022 - 11:54

SRT Target Station Group 4

  • SRT Targets your best partner in 3 D Archery 

    Pay for 3 , get one FREE !!! 

    And receive 3 special gadgets for your kids award :-) 


    Our support for #backto3darchery in 2021 ,is to offer you a complete target station Group 4 with four identic targets and a simpatic series of gadgets at the price of 3 ! 

    Cute targets, but keen in a tournament. 

    Let's start together, to come soon back to 3D archery, our passion. 


    23/02/2021 - 17:05

SRT Dall sheep female

  • New Entry : SRT Dallsheep Female

    The female Sheep completes our offer from a new Group of 3 different targets for your parcour station. 

    The Trittico " The Dall Sheeps " is now to place on your parcour, perfect in the winter landscape. 

    SRT Targets, simply the best. 

    25/01/2021 - 17:03

Campionato Italiano Bowhunter FIARC 2021

SRT Manolo il capriolo

East Coast Grand Slam 2020 Field and 3D Archery Tournament in Malaysia

  • East Coast Grand Slam 2020 Field and 3D Archery Tournament in Malaysia.

    17/11/2020 - 16:56

SRT Bestseller Wolverine

  • Dressed in autumn with a parka or anorak? Warm and fluffy, lined with soft fur on the inside!
    What does this have to do with a wolverine? 
    Its water-repellent fur was made into a precious anorak by hunters and pioneers in the arctic. 
    It's good that there are modern technical clothes for outdoor sports today, and animal fur is no longer needed ! :-)

    12/11/2020 - 14:35