SRT Daino sdraiato

SRT Bedded Deer SRT Damhirsch liegend SRT Gamo tumbado SRT Daim couchè
Art n: 08470001
Target parts: 2
N. of rings: 2
Length: 110 cm
Height: 62 cm
Group: Group 2
424,00€ IVA 22% incl.
22% Taxes included
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Sagoma Gruppo 2 , due pezzi più corna, 2 spot Target group 2, 2 pieces plus horns, 2 rings

100 % original Masterpiece of fine 3D Art work from SRT

Handcraftet Premium Quality Made in Italy


Easy pull ,Sculptured with natural design, powerfull colors 

SRT Targets 30 years of creativity and innovating 3D targets

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